CarlsonCast Sept4--6am hour

Kate Steinle and accused killer mug shot Pinterest8.jpg
KVI's John Carlson provides an update to the fatal shooting of Kate Steinle (right) in San Francisco and the previously deported illegal alien (right) who pulled the trigger on the gun that led to her death.{ }

6am hour -- how UW professor and weather blogger accurately predicted Hurricane Dorian conditions, Dorian's 18 hour assault on Bahama, in SF how Federal authorities had to step in and take over on the Kate Steinle fatal shooting case, suggestions on how you can donate to help Bahamians recover from Hurricane Dorian destruction, GUEST: ABC reporter Pete Combs reports on Hurricane Dorian preparations in Georgia and Carolinas, a north Seattle resident has terse response to officials running a homeless resource center in his neighborhood, KVI's Lars Larson: the debate over universal background checks in aftermath of the August fatal mass shootings in Texas and Ohio.

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