CarlsonCast Sept4--7am hour

dave reichert KOMO.jpg
Retired U.S. Congressman and former King County Sheriff, Dave Reichert, announces he will not run for governor in 2020 against incumbent, Jay Inslee.{ } (KOMO file photo)

7am hour -- continuing discussion about universal background checks, how Joe Biden would prefer to turn gun owners into TV character Barney Fife, how invasive background checks may not achieve the Democrats' stated goals, and then there's straw man purchases, GUEST: King Co. Councilman Reagan Dunn talks about the red flags he sees in a scheduled announcement today regarding the effort to end homelessness in Seattle/King County, bricks of cocaine wash ashore in Florida as Hurricane Dorian brushes the coast line,

retired Congressman Dave Reichert says he won't run for governor against Jay Inslee, why a U.S. Senate candidacy could still be in the future for Reichert, answering the question "what is an assault weapon", why liberal/socialist political writer for Rolling Stone says Trump manages to defy polls.

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