CarlsonCast Sept4--8am hour


Critically acclaimed stand-up comic, Dave Chappelle, has unveiled a new stand-up special via Netflix that has prompted complaints from liberals and social justice warriors. (Associated Press File{ } Photo by: Scott Roth)

8am hour -- two examples of charity and grace in Odessa TX after last weekend's mass shooting, the mother of an Afghanistan War and US Army veteran who was murdered says she forgives the killer, how you can contribute to the slain US Army veteran's funeral costs,

Elizabeth Warren is picking up Jay Inslee's climate plan, ICYMI yesterday's Carlson podcast about a Q13 anchor being victim shamed by "The Stranger" (socialist) newspaper, Grand Mound McDonalds fatal shooting confrontation near Great Wolf Lodge off I-5 (north of Centralia), the Babylon Bee nails a perfect response to Wal-Mart's PC decision on guns and ammo sales, speaking of incredible satire: the new Dave Chappelle Netflix special is must-see stand-up comedy for our current political climate.

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