CarlsonCast Sept5--6am hour

2020 Presidential candidate (and former U.S. Vice-President) Joe Biden made a cryptic reference regarding US military bases during last night's CNN Climate Town Hall. KVI's John Carlson responds to Biden's strange pronouncement. (photo: CNN screen grab)

6am hour -- some dubious moments for Democrats at the CNN Climate Town Hall, Joe Biden's eyeball has the web buzzing, GUEST: ABC News reporter Alex Stone describes the scene with Hurricane Dorian bearing down on South Carolina, Trump and even Bloomberg reporters are incredulous at the things said in Democrats CNN Climate Town Hall,

San Francisco declares biggest gun rights group are "domestic terrorists", the media meltdown over Trump's hurricane map and claim that it might reach Alabama last week, how hurricanes become political pawns in the on-going climate debate hype, new fall out from the Defense Sec. Jim Mattis media interviews and forthcoming book.

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