CarlsonCast Sept6--7am hour

I-1000 final vote protesters PIXLR.jpg
I-1000 opponents protest at the Washington Legislature in this 2019 file photo by KOMO News.{ }

7am hour -- supporters of I-1000 try to pull a fast one regarding voter's pamphlet statement, GUEST: ABC News reporter, Pete Combs, in Wilmington NC where Hurricane Dorian brushed by as a Category 1 storm just a few hours ago, a good news story from Bahama as a family on a neighboring island searches for their brother who's been missing since the massive storm hit,

1991 royalty check for Nirvana band member just discovered in Olympia record store, GUEST: economist, Steve Moore, talks about new jobs report #s, the better news about wages increasing and the next step in the Brexit fight; GUEST: new season of "Full Measurre" with host Sharyl Attkisson, she talks about her report on the similar problems of illegal immigration in European countries particularly Greece.

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