Cary In For CarlsonCast Sept9--6am hour

Seattle traffic congestion I-5 at Greenlake Ravenna stretch KOMOoad.jpg
KVI substitute host, Cary Condotta, talks to former St. Rep. Mark Harmsworth about transportation planning in Puget Sound and the inability to provide traffic congestion for drivers. (photo: KOMO News)

6am hour -- Cary Condotta in for John Carlson: the collision of economics and politics in WA, how government growth in WA digs in to taxpayer families, example about worker's comp reform that needs to be expanded soon, Trump's revelation about secret peace talks with the Taliban inside the U.S. , Obama's ex-chief of staff says "Medicare For All" plan will hurt Democrats in 2020, the picture that sums up Saturday's lightning storm across Puget Sound, GUEST: former Republican St. Rep. from Mill Creek, Mark Harmsworth, talks about traffic congestion solutions and the pay-per-mile tax; Brexit insight, KVI's Lars Larson on gun control comments by Sen. Patty Murray and why Ringo Starr was kicked off the BBC for his views on Brexit.

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