Cary In For CarlsonCast Sept9--7am hour

I-27 heroin injection site plan KOMO156.jpg
Former Bothell (WA) City Councilman, Joshua Freed{ } (at podium), has announced he'll run for Washington governor as a Republican and challenge incumbent, Jay Inslee. Freed helped organize the King County citizens initiative, I-27, which would have forced a county-wide vote on allowing proposed heroin injection sites. A judge nullified the citizen's initiative on a technicality which prevented an actual vote. (photo: KOMO News).{ }{ }

7am hour -- Cary Condotta in for John Carlson: your chance to win $1000 in our contest, GUEST: St. Rep. Andrew Barkis --why government restriction on supply leads to un-affordable housing, $138 million affordable housing King County plan, do the Seattle Mariners feel sorry for Houston football fans?, the UW football drama due to the lightning storm, Amazon plans to hire 30,000 people within the next 6 months (and its not just low-level workers), GUEST: House Republican Leader, J.T. Wilcox (Yelm) -- a preview of the three Republicans planning to run against Inslee in 2020, what Republicans will expect from new House speaker taking over for retiring Frank Chopp, two possible outcomes of the legal battle over a state income tax.

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