Cary In For CarlsonCast Sept9--8am hour

KVI host, Cary Condotta, subbing for John Carlson, makes the argument for why Gov. Jay Inslee and the Washington Legislature should approve a reduction in the state sales tax to provide relief for taxpayers and allow people to keep more of their money to afford expensive housing in Western Washington. (graphic: Associated Press)

8am hour -- Cary Condotta in for John Carlson: the pitched political battle over tax hikes (and an income tax) in WA, the bargaining chip of lowering another tax to add a sales tax, making the case for lowering the sales tax in WA, Kshama Sawant gets an endorsement that might not help her re-election, another story claiming Texas will go Democrat for 2020 election, GUEST: State Rep. Jim Walsh "Restore Washington", tax relief for all bill, how to get involved with Restore Washington, Joe Biden slips per another 2020 Presidential poll, the economy continues to be the issue that helps Trump approval the most, new shortage of sports refs for high school sports in WA.

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