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KVI's Phil Vandervort discusses the emergence of a 2nd video before the February 2020 shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery in Brunswick, Georgia. Two men have now been charged in Arbery's death after a nearly 3-month series of recusals by local judges. The case is intensifying racial concerns because the dead man is black and the two suspects charged with his murder are white. (Photo: ABC News)

7:05am -- GUEST: St. Rep. Drew MacEwan (R-Union) is the House Republicans #2 budget writer, he talks about the looming battle with Democrats to solve a projected $4 billion budget shortfall due to virus-related economic shutdown in WA, why he says there's no silver bullet to solving the coming budget mess, more accurate numbers to be released June 17th, Elon Musk blasts health officials in CA vowing to move his EV car maker out of state, a Sedro Wolley grandma arrested for defying statewide stay home order after urging people on Facebook to go to a city park, where the grandma went wrong in her effort to urge people to flex their freedom, new video emerges of Georgia man (Ahmaud Arbery) before he was shot to death in February, why this video might bolster the case against the two men charged in the Georgia man's murder.

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