Kirby in for Carlson Aug21--6am hour

Heroin injection possible mobile sites PIXLR.jpg
KVI's Kirby Wilbur updates the story about a proposed mobile heroin injection site in Seattle. (map graphic: KOMO News)

6am -- Kirby in for John Carlson: Larry King getting divorced, are his two latest kids fueling the divorce based on their inheritance?,. a court decision in two weeks could impact the fate of a supervised heroin injection site in Seattle, a disabled (but employed) man in TX panhandles on weekends and hauls in $1000 a day, Trump jabs at Federal Reserve chair, Iowans send blunt message to Jay Inslee's campaign.

Good Gal With a Gun (GGWG) story involves a real estate agent who survives a bear spray attack during an open house, a KVI caller sounds off with her own example of a capable panhandler deceiving donors, KVI's Lars Larson adds to this hour's GGWG story.

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