Kirby in for CarlsonCast Aug22--6am hour

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee announces the end of his 2020 Presidential campaign during an interview on MSNBC, August 21, 2019. KVI's Kirby Wilbur reacts to the decision and Inslee's indication he'll run for a third term as Washington governor next year. (photo: MSNBC screen grab)

6am hour -- Kirby Wilbur in for John Carlson: Jay Inslee quits presidential race, what happens if Inslee wins again as governor in 2020 and a Democrat beats Trump?, UW and WSU football teams won't have to worry about possible 9am kick-off times (for now), new legal ruling says a single electoral college voter could now control the fate of the presidential determination in case of a tie, GUEST: Freedom Foundation's Ashley Varner says there's an SEIU (labor union) warning to the 2020 Democratic candidates about $15 minimum wage, more coverage of Inslee quiting the 2020 Presidential race, Portland's mayor resorts to free parking to attract downtown shoppers after Anti-Fa and homeless problems prompt shoppers to go elsewhere.

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