Kirby in for CarlsonCast Aug23--7am hour

SF-assault-suspect-Austin-James-Vincent KRON TV.jpg
The suspect, identified by San Francisco Police as 25-year-old Austin James Vincent, was taken into custody near the Embarcadero earlier in August after assaulting resident Paneez Kosarian outside the lobby of her condo building. The SF District Attorney then lied to news reporters about doing everything they could to keep the suspect in custody before a judge released him. (photo: KRON screen grab)

7am hour -- Kirby Wilbur in for John Carlson: San Francisco city prosecutor blatantly lies about trying to keep a violent assault suspect in jail,

the SF case sounds like it could have originated in Seattle, why this failure of the San Francisco D.A. is instructive as we hear about mass shootings or other outrageous crime problems, a WSDOT program for the last 20 years has failed to provide what it promised,

Seattle area drivers now stuck in traffic an average of 78 hours a year (almost two weeks of f/t work stuck in traffic), another Democratic 2020 Presidential hopeful says the primary has moved too far to the left giving Trump an advantage for re-election, after toxic masculinity ad fiasco Gillette has reversed fields,

good news story about a guy who decides to try the radar gun speed throw at a minor league baseball game, KOMO's Carleen Johnson asks for your support on her cancer treatment/cure fundraiser she's doing tomorrow in Issaquah, we've just learned that another KOMO colleague has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

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