Kirby in for CarlsonCast Aug23--8am hour

President Donald Trump said Wednesday he scrapped his trip to Denmark because the prime minister made a “nasty” statement when she rejected his idea to buy Greenland as an absurdity. KVI's Kirby Wilbur assess the pros and cons of how Trump handled the situation. (AP photo: Alex Brandon)

8am hour -- Kirby in for Carlson: how Trump's claims about Greenland and Denmark this week relate to Richie Cunningham from TV's Happy Days fame, guess what happens when an Australian school bans smart phones for students, Seattle homeless sweeps are scheduled in 2 prominent areas, a KVI listener criticizes Kirby after Kirby criticized Trump's handling of the 'buy Greenland' saga, GUEST: fire fighter fill the boot fundraiser, Shawn Osborne, Snohomish Co. Fire District #4, two KVI callers wade in to the e-mail dispute about Kirby's criticism of Trump this morning. This Day In History stories, Trump tweets that he's ordering American companies to hereby find alternatives to doing business in China.

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