LISTEN: John Carlson Show, April29--8am hour

R-90 Petition_Front 2 PIXLR.jpg
Supporters of Referendum-90 (R-90) are gathering signatures to force a statewide vote on a newly enacted 'Comprehensive Sexual Education Curriculum' passed by the Washington Legislature and signed by Gov. Jay Inslee. R-90 organizer, Mindie Wirth, of Bothell joins KVI's John Carlson for an interview about the campaign. (photo: KVI Staff)

8am hour -- Boeing announces 10% layoffs and job cuts due to 737 Max shutdown/recert and the COVID-19 restrictions,

GUEST: Mindie Wirth, with Parents for Safe , is urging repeal of the newly signed 'comprehensive sex education curriculum' approved by Gov. Jay Inslee, R-90 supporters are running a statewide petition campaign while following social distancing with safety, creativity and social media.

Rumblings about a possible 3rd party Presidential candidate that could help Trump win, Gig Harbor (WA) Police just arrested a man who was released early from prison by Gov. Inslee, , the state prison COVID-19 infection spread Inslee feared regarding prisoner early release of more than 1000 inmates hasn't statistically materialized, Pentagon officially releases previously leaked videos which show unidentified flying objects (aka UFOs).

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