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SEATTLE — A Seattle Police sergeant called it 'attempted murder' when rioters tried to trap officers inside the East Precinct Monday night before setting fires. New SPD surveillance video from the East Precinct shows rioters setting fires around the precinct, after trying to cement the door shut, while officers are inside. (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- Seattle police say coordinated attack tried to seal officers inside a precinct as it was set on fire, the attack involved using 'kwik-crete' to prevent an external door from opening, why this attempt proves its all about a hate campaign against (Seattle) police, mob tries to coerce woman eating at a DC restaurant to visibly show solidarity with BLM crowd,

GUEST: Seattle political strategist and founder/CEO of Strategies 360, Ron Dotzauer, first question: is he wearing a cowboy hat right now?, comparing the polling bump from the Democratic convention last week, how 'law and order' policy issues will impact the Presidential election, the downside to having Trump children speak at the convention.

GUEST: write-in candidate for WA Lt. Governor, Joshua Freed, why Freed's launching a campaign to split the Democratic vote for the two general election candidates, Freed needs to hit at least 35% (or higher) of the vote to succeed, how does Freed figure he'll generate the name recognition to win a write-in campaign, why Freed thinks he can campaign on economic strength to surpass the two other Democratic candidates, how to fine tune the sales pitch to voters (spoiler alert: talk lower taxes).

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