LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Aug.27--7am hour

On this hour of KVI's John Carlson Show, a review of last night's notable moments from the 2020 Republican National Committee convention.{ } (photo: ABC News)

7am hour -- RNC features more ordinary Americans with extraordinary stories, school choice story involving a family's son with Down's Syndrome, first Hurricane Laura fatality is ID'd as a 14 yr old girl, meet the Seattle police officer who has responded to more calls for people in crisis (i.e. mental illness, thoughts of suicide or substance use) than any other cop in town.

GUEST: liberal former KING reporter Julie Blacklow joins Carlson to talk about people with diverging political views sitting down to talk politics, they start off with last night's RNC speech by VP Pence, debating Trump and integrity, Seattle being mentioned more in the Republican convention than the Democratic convention.

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