LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Aug.27--8am hour

Slidewaters water park in Chelan, WA. (photo: KXLY News)

8am hour -- GUEST: co-owner of Slidewaters water park in Chelan, WA, Robert Bordner, local and state officials won't allow Slidewaters to partially re-open (capacity limits) during the virus pandemic, says the gov't officials give no clear reason why they can't re-open (usually relying on 'its not part of the Safe Start plan' aka you're not approved to open), gov't officials provided no scientific basis for their closure rules, these government decisions are ruining the lives of business owners, what a shutdown like this means for a business that relies on making all their money during the summer months.

A response to this left-winger's substantiation of looting in 2020,

the 2020 campaign issue thatDemocrats were hoping to avoid, how Seattle's mayor struggles to refute the issue about mob violence and its impact on Seattle, the common denominator to the Seattle mayor's struggle, still no public condemnation by any Seattle City Council members over this week's attempt to trap police inside a burning East Precinct, why this pioneering civil rights leader is voting Trump and not Biden.

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