LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Dec16--6am hour

Barricades of wooden pallets and chain link fencing along with copious amounts of trash block pathways to unsanctioned homeless tents and camps at Seattle's Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill which was also ground zero for last summers "CHOP" during police excessive force protests. (photo: KOMO News)

6am hour -- a plot twist in the politically correct pursuit of a new Edmonds (WA) police chief, a new medical journal report about 'asymptomatic' COVID cases within the same household, a homeless sweep planned for this morning at 7:30 could turn confrontational based on how a KOMO News crew was physically attacked and intimidated while trying to report from the site (Cal Anderson Park at the old CHOP location),

the confrontation spurs a variety of questions about whether or not Seattle's mayor will allow or prevent police to be involved in this morning's sweep, what's the difference between the Biden/Harris "100 day" mask request and what Trump's been saying?, Edmonds police chief prediction comes true, Edmonds mayor caves on his nominee for new city police chief, Carlson's prediction came true in less than 24 hours, the Portland "Red House" update.

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