LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Dec16--7am hour

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A new medical journal report seems to indicate that the risk of COVID-19 spread due to asymptomatic people living in the same household is very low which would undercut the substantiation by government and health officials instituting restrictions and lockdowns in the name of preventing virus transmission. KVI's John Carlson discusses this new report. (file photo: Associated Press from England in September 2020)

7am hour -- 54 studies and 77,000 participants in a new medical journal report provide some inconvenient facts for 'lockdown' advocates on the pandemic, the new report analyzes the likelihood for COVID transmission while living in the same house with an 'asymptomatic' person, DEVELOPING: new Congressional COVID relief plan giving "most Americans" $500-600 each is unveiled by a pro-Trump Democratic US Senator,

GUEST: KOMO News reporter, Corwin Haeck, live at this morning's Cal Anderson Park unsanctioned homeless sweep in Seattle, Haeck adds that police officers and SUVs are on the scene to start, what are Cal Anderson Park activists concealing inside the park?

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