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Seattle Cal Anderson Park kill cops PIXLR.jpg
The threat to "kill cops" is spray painted on what appears to be a mattress at{ } an un-sanctioned homeless camp that was set to be swept by city officials today at Seattle's Cal Anderson Park. The park was ground zero for the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest--aka CHOP--last summer, with the East Police Precinct kitty corner from the park's SE boundary. (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- Gov. Inslee recycles his list of climate change agenda items, GUEST: KOMO reporter Corwin Haeck rejoins the show to confide that he was just physically accosted at Cal Anderson Park after last hour's report he gave, he describes the assailant as someone who claimed KOMO News was "propaganda", the selection of a new Edmonds Police Chief collapses and the mayor confesses that the city will begin an all new search for a chief next year,

Biden nominates a Transportation Secretary that he eviscerated during the primary as being too inexperienced,

GUEST: professor emeritus at Cal State U., a Senior Fellow at The Hoover Institute, military historian and political savant, Dr. Victor Davis Hanson PhD, joins the show to dispense knowledge about The New Mad Left, the behavior of the last 24 hours toward journalists at Seattle's Cal Anderson Park are endemic of what Dr. Hanson is writing about this week, how entitlement and universities foster this type of Marxist behavior, how big tech plays into this political disconnect from civility, the interview concludes with a perfect summation about 'cancel culture' and the current generation perpetrating the 'cancelation' of prior leaders/figures.

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