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Jay inslee file wildfires fly over AP19060080442801.jpg
Washington Gov. Jay Inslee , in this 2014 file photo, has released his 2021 climate agenda. KVI's John Carlson interviews University of Washington Atmospheric Sciences Professor, Cliff Mass, about the pros and cons of what Inslee is proposing. Spoiler alert: there are a lot of cons.{ } (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren, File)

8am hour -- GUEST: UW atmospheric sciences professor/meterologist/blogger/acclaimed author, Cliff Mass, says that Gov. Inslee's latest climate change agenda is an "extremely expensive, inefficient way to deal with global warming", Mass adds its very regressive toward lower-income workers and households, Mass says his models projecting the next 100 years also undercut some of Gov. Inslee's climate change claims, Gov. Inslee's so-called slush fund to connect racial justice to climate change agenda.

Gov. Inslee snubbed TWICE now by incoming Pres. Joe Biden, Biden confesses what he thinks of when he thinks of climate change, the sign at Seattle's Cal Anderson Park that flatly states: Give Us Housing Now!!, KOMO News icon Connie Thompson is leaving the air for retirement, GUEST: WPC's Todd Myers, says Gov. Inslee is doubling down on bad ideas that are already unpopular and bad policy too, Inslee's climate plan benefits special interest groups, the state's proposed energy strategy for the next 30 years, electricity demand expected to go up 90% yet these same bureaucrats are advocating tearing down hydro-electric dams in WA which will hurt electricity production, the black-owned security business in Seattle isn't surprised to see the latest stand-off (this time over homeless people) in Cal Anderson Park.

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