LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Dec21--6am hour

An astronomy chart for tonight's expected viewing of The Christmas or Bethlehem Star, the closest Jupiter and Saturn will be in the night sky for 800 years.{ } KVI's John Carlson interviews an acclaimed astronomer about the "conjunction". (graphic: Associated Press)

6am hour -- a (Crystal Mountain) ski recap, a preview of tomorrow and Wednesday's Christmas song competition as determined by KVI listeners, another round of arrests at Seattle's Cal Anderson Park last night after Friday's major sweep of an un-sanctioned homeless camp, the astronomy behind tonight's Christmas Star 'conjunction': an internationally recognized astronomer and author of the Nat Geo Space Encyclopedia, David Aguilar, tells KVI about Saturn and Jupiter's conjunction, how the Magi followed the Bethlehem Star and why its the brightest tonight as its been in 800 years; Congress finally approves $908 billion COVID relief bill, so who will it actually help amid the pandemic economic restrictions?

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