LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Dec21--7am hour

Ann Wilson, the lead singer of the rock band "Heart", pictured here with sister Nancy playing guitar, gets down to brass tacks{ } about Seattle's "progressive bubble." KVI's John Carlson examines some of the elder Wilson's new comments about America's political landscape after she moved to northern Florida. Pictured here,{ } Nancy and Ann Wilson playing at a charity concert for the Canary Foundation 07-28-07. Photo by Michael Sierra (credit: wikicommons)

7am hour -- deciphering the media coverage of this US gov't computer hacking known as 'Solar Wind', how Fortune 500 companies were also hacked in this attack, Pres. Trump portraying China--and not Russia--as the hackers, a 3rd party software security site was the portal to this breach, the final audit report says WA unemployment agency lacked protections to stop the biggest theft in state history, the $300 million hacking of the WA Employment Security Department, one of the biggest Marxists in Seattle pens an absurd column about homelessness and the economic lockdown from the virus pandemic in WA.

GUEST: KOMO News meteorologist, Kristin Clark, describes what you need to know to see tonight's Christmas or Bethlehem star in the night sky, also what areas of Puget Sound can expect some wet snowfall this afternoon/evening; the lead singer of Heart--Ann Wilson--has some unique things to say about politics and diversity after moving from Seattle to northern Florida, she calls Seattle "a progressive bubble", she has a simple remedy for America's obvious political divide, meanwhile Joe Biden rounds out his environmental team and Gov. Jay Inslee looks like he didn't even get a sniff from Biden.

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