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WASHINGTON (AP) — Congress passed a $908 billion pandemic relief package Monday night providing long-sought cash to businesses and individuals and resources to vaccinate a nation confronting a frightening surge in COVID-19 cases and deaths. Lawmakers tacked on a $1.4 trillion catchall spending bill and thousands of pages of other end-of-session business in a massive bundle of bipartisan legislation as Capitol Hill prepared to close the books on the year. The bill goes to President Donald Trump for his signature, which is expected in the coming days. (photo: Associated Press)

6am hour -- help us decide the worst Christmas song of all time, Congress finally passes $908 billion COVID bill and its over 5500 pages, no lawmaker could have possibly read this bill before it passed last night, the dysfunctional way Republicans and Democrats in Congress negotiated and passed this bill,

how a late 1970s Star Wars Christmas special spawned one of the worst Christmas songs of all time, deeper scrutiny of the $908 billion Congressional COVID relief plan approved last night, what you can expect as it relates to a $600 treasury payment or extended unemployment.

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