LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Dec23--6am hour

A video screen shot of President Trump, posted to his @realdonaldtrump Twitter account, objecting to the recently passed COVID relief bill and Omnibus spending package by Congress that he can either veto or sign. (Photo: Associated Press)

6am hour -- Pres. Trump abruptly disagrees with Congressional COVID deal, Trump's objection seems to put him in agreement with Speaker Nancy Pelosi, why there are some things to like and many things not to like with this COVID/Omnibus spending bill, if Trump vetoes this combo-bill will it get worse or better?, Pierce County Council approves a sales tax hike for mental health and behavioral health services, Seattle Public Schools training session appears to have violated 1964 Civil Rights Act, the explanation in an exclusive KVI interview with Chris Rufo, WA COVID infections finally plateau after several weeks of growing tests but the accuracy of the stats is still in question, teachers unions are still resisting most attempts to return students to in-class learning, Inslee relaxes restrictions on religious/church gatherings after a 9th Circuit Court ruling.

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