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Guitarist and singer, Leslie West, of the rock bound Mountain--and famous for the song "Mississippi Queen"--died at age 75 last week, according to his brother, Larry, who posted about the death on social media. According to Yahoo! News,{ } West’s heart gave out and was on a ventilator. There was no immediate indication that COVID was a factor in West's death.{ }

7am hour -- Kirby Wilbur in for John Carlson: Trump finally signs COVID relief bill and Omnibus spending bill that he criticized for a week, so what comes next regarding Trump's (and Democrats) criticisms of the spending package?, the Defense spending bill that Trump vetoed now takes center stage.

Rest In Peace to rocker Leslie West who crafted one of the most thunderous guitar riffs in music history, a copycat attack in Tennessee involving a box truck thankfully ends without catastrophe, another 2020 COVID parody song + would you want to be awoken during brain surgery?, a medical team's decision to try this on a brain surgery patient prompts the question, real estate website tracks the cities people are leaving because housing is soooo expensive, (gives out phone number to tease calls) KVI callers share their stories about what's driving them out of the Seattle area (or WA altogether).

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