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FIFE, Wash. — Several homeless people have moved into 16 motel rooms in Fife and are no longer paying for the accommodations, prompting the motel manager to seek assistance from city officials in order to force the group out of the building. KVI's John Carlson interviews the owner of the Travelodge Motel on Pacific Highway South about this activism stunt. (photo: KOMO News)

7am hour -- the Christmas morning explosion of an RV in downtown Nashville TN remains shrouded in mystery, no suicide note or manifesto from the RV owner ID'd as dead at the scene, one theory about paranoia by the RV owner is being discarded, the real estate transaction made by the dead man also sparks more questions than answers, the pressure building on Trump to drop his rhetoric about Republicans blocking the certification of the Electoral College next month, so how are you celebrating New Year's Eve around the Seattle area...?

Tacoma homeless activists are squatting in a Fife motel room, GUEST: Shawn Randhawa, owner of the Travelodge Motel in Fife on Pacific Highway South, says this protest all started on Christmas Eve day, the group of 40 people involves about 25 activists and 15 actual homeless people, Randhawa says he's being held hostage by this group, according to Randhawa the Fife mayor is completely absent during this crisis, the former Beatle band member who just hit #1 on the sales chart for the first time in 31 years.

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