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CHEHALIS, Wash. — An estimated 200 people gathered yesterday in Lewis County to rally on behalf of local restaurant owners who are facing steep fines because they're defying Gov. Jay Inslee's ban on indoor dining, which has been suspended by the state as Washington tries to tamp down on a surging COVID-19 virus. (photo: KOMO News){ }

6am hour -- direct deposit $600 federal relief checks hit bank accounts starting today, big rally in Lewis County for restaurants defying Gov. Inslee's ban on indoor dining, statistically bans on indoor dining don't reduce COVID counts (just look at southern Cal.), DEVELOPING: US Senate Majority Leader agrees to play ball with Trump on $2000 relief checks and a change to the divisive "Section 230" protecting social media platforms, guess who just bumped Barack Obama from 'most admired man in America' poll?, Republicans polled say they want Trump to continue to lead the Republican Party, the poll looks bad for 'never Trump' Republicans, how this poll involving Republicans frames the 2024 Presidential election.

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