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New data from the US Census shows that Seattle is the saddest city in America. KVI's John Carlson has two theories on why Seattleites report being so sad compared to the rest of America. (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- DEVELOPING: looks like US Senate will move forward on bill in next 3 days to boost relief to Americans by $1400, this new bill announced by Mitch McConnell will also address two items on Trump's latest wish list, an anarchist group is upset that anarchy is happening in response to Fife motel takeover occupation by homeless activist group,

why is Seattle reporting the highest level of sad people in America?, shouldn't Seattle residents be happy that Biden's the next president?, perhaps this polling from US Census data about Seattle is related to two items about vocal liberals, KVI callers share their theories about why US Census data says Seattleites are the saddest people in America.

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