LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Dec31--8am hour

Homeless people and activists voluntarily leave the Travelodge Motel in Fife WA after a 6-day occupation conducted by a group of Tacoma protesters. KVI's John Carlson interviews the Fife City Manager about how a police ultimatum finally prompted the homeless and activists to leave voluntarily. (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour: GUEST: Fife City Manager, Hyun Kim, explains the 6-day stand-off at a motel by homeless activists, after the activists demanded housing for 20 homeless people only one person* accepted shelter with the Tacoma Rescue Mission, why did it take 6-days to resolve this political stunt?, it appears an ultimatum of arrest was issued to the motel occupiers before they decided to leave voluntarily, going forward the city says there will be a zero-tolerance policy on this type of political stunt, Kim says the activist group should stop their "ambush" and "shock" strategy.

Georgia will be the first determinant of 2021 starting off good or bad, hypothetical: how loudly will Democrats complain if both Republican candidates in GA US Senate race win narrowly?, how quickly will the Democrats and anti-Trump activists complain about election accuracy?, why ballot harvesting may become a factor in GA US Senate run-off election, how WA Democrats equated to rules/restrictions on ballot harvesting to "voter suppression"; a Kitsap Co. restaurant shuts down after all the restrictions imposed by Gov. Inslee regarding indoor dining.

*The Tacoma News Tribune reports that two other homeless people connected to the Fife motel may have accepted shelter through LIHI.

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