LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Feb.1--7am hour

KVI's John Carlson interviews a former Seattle City Councilmember who is pushing for a realistic plan to end unsanctioned homeless camping around Seattle and at city parks. Pictured here, Cal Anderson Park in the Capitol Hill Neighborhood in early December 2020. (Photo: KOMO News){ }

7am hour -- is the Republican Party in a civil war?, the most famous of Washington's anti-Trump Republicans is trying to form a new Republican Party, what dissident Republicans should do to defend democracy, why this thesis ignores the shift toward socialism by the Democratic Party; how a Republican President expanded what was known as Negro History Week to Black History Month.

GUEST: former Seattle City Councilman, Tim Burgess, wants to end (Seattle) homeless tent encampments with compassion and clarity, Burgess points to the political paralysis involved in addressing homelessness, the addiction and mental health issues of chronic homeless require more accountability that other cities (like Bakersfield CA and Abilene TX) are using far more effectively, how does Burgess answer the question of "what do you do with a homeless person who refuses shelter space or addiction treatment?", Burgess says homeless people cannot be allowed to camp in Seattle parks.

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