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An Olympia Police Dept. spokesman says a group called "Oly Housing Now" entered the Red Lion Hotel in the city for "emergency pandemic housing." After the hotel staff and patrons called 911 to report the situation, police responded to the occupation which was similar to one conducted by homeless housing activists just over a month ago on the day before Christmas in Fife, WA. Olympia Police say they made 8 arrests at the Red Lion Hotel yesterday. (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- GUEST: economist Steve Moore...10 GOP Senators say they'll work with Pres. Biden on COVID financial relief for Americans to get another one-time check, restaurants in Island and Clallam County are upset they're located just outside Gov. Jay Inslee's designation to re-open partially for indoor dining,

Eight arrested as Olympia homeless activists try to occupy a hotel in a stunt similar to the one at Christmas time at the Fife Travelodge Motel, why Olympia police reacted so much differently yesterday compared to Fife Police in December, GUEST: Olympia resident, writer and government watchdog ,Candy Mercer, sounds off on the attempted hotel occupation by the homeless activists; the continuing astonishment of how Gov. Inslee's Employment Security Director managed to get hired by the Biden Administration after she over-saw two massive scandals in 2020.

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