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Initiative sponsor who jumped to prominence with a $30 car tabs proposal for voters, Tim Eyman, talks to KVI's John Carlson about a new legal ruling against him from a Thurston County judge. KVI's John Carlson asks if the $2.6 million judgement against Eyman will be a political death sentence for the taxpayer advocate. (file photo: KOMO News)

6am hour -- Seattle Police release body cam video and 911 call recordings of Tuesday night's fatal shooting of a suspected shooter by officers, warning the audio/video of the fatal confrontation and gun fire is disturbing,

the body cam footage so far seems to indicate the officer's fatal shooting of the suspect is justified, still no answers about why the dead suspect initially shot two women who were in a car, one of those women died after Tuesday's shooting.

MSNBC host's attempt to troll Texas US Senator fails in hilarious fashion, Hold My Beer Story: we have a Gorilla Glue copy-cat video that also goes horribly wrong, GUEST: Tim Eyman, ordered to pay $2.6 million by Thurston Co. judge after series of cases brought by WA AG, Bob Ferguson, Ferguson has been suing Eyman for 6 years, is this a political death penalty for Eyman?, Eyman says the judge basically copy and pasted the penalty requests submitted by AG Ferguson, why Eyman will appeal and what's his next step.

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