LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Feb.11--8am hour

Snow KOMO car windshield PIXLR.jpg
KOMO News meteorologist Kristin Clark (not pictured here) tells KVI's John Carlson (also not pictured here) about the prominent amount of snowfall spreading out across western Washington today through Sunday, Feb. 14th. (file photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- GUEST: Bella Chaffey, Pres. of Alexander's Hope charity event and promoting organ donation awareness, joins the show to invite 5K runners and walkers for their upcoming virtual event fundraiser, Chaffey and her family in Bellevue WA started the charity work after her college-age brother was diagnosed with an emergency heart condition that required surgery.

Seattle Police release body cam video and two 911 calls describing the gun fire and injuries two nights ago that preceded officers fatally shooting the armed male suspect believed to be the initial shooter, the surprising news report spotlighting the business promotion connected to VP Kamala Harris's niece, GUEST: documentary film-maker, political columnist and Seattle political watch-dog, Chris Rufo, talks about how Pres. Biden immediately rolled-back a Trump executive order regarding federal training that Rufo brought to Trump's attention, Biden's executive order shows that activists supporting Critical Race Theory will easily be able to influence the new president on racial issues, also KOMO News meteorologist, Kristin Clark, tells us what to expect with the next 72+ hours of expected snow fall around the western WA lowlands.

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