LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Feb.12--6am hour

Seattle PD patch KOMO file.jpg
KVI's John Carlson examines this week's fatal officer involved shooting of an armed man in Seattle's Central District, near Jimi Hendrix Park. The man who was shot and killed was suspected of a double shooting in the minutes before officers arrived on the scene after 911 calls reporting shots fired near Jimi Hendrix Park. (file photo: KOMO News)

6am hour-- new information about the dead female shooting victim this week in Seattle in what is now described as a random double shooting, according to Carlson's sources the shooter who opened fire on the two women did so unprovoked, the sources say mental health status may become part of this investigation, dont expect Seattle elected officials to publicly support the police in this situation as activists try to blur or smear what occurred, the bitter irony of being stuck in school on a snow day!

Nikki Haley rebukes Trump and the crowd that followed him, SuperBowl TV (ok and streaming) ratings take a big (and somewhat confounding) dive, meanwhile rocker turned pontificator Bruce Springsteen gets popped for DUI after high profile SuperBowl Jeep ad,

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