LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Feb.12--7am hour

Seattle City Councilwoman, Kshama Sawant, pictured here in a file photo, is silenced during her video testimony at a State House Finance Committee hearing during public comment on a proposed wealth tax bill.{ } KVI's John Carlson listens to the moments during the hearing where Sawant was warned before finally being muted by the committee chair who is a Democratic Party State Representative also from Seattle. (file photo: Associated Press)

7am hour -- Socialist Seattle City Council woman muted while testifying on billionaire wealth tax, the irony of the council woman claiming Constitutional protection when she failed to stand-up for a similar situation at city hall 2 years ago, Gov. Inslee shows how clueless he is about what businesses are enduring with his pandemic restrictions, Inslee gets exposed when asked about restaurants opening on Valentine's Day for Phase 2, the WA Dept. of Commerce has scrubbed the phrase "no state income tax" from its website appealing to business owners locating in the state.

GUEST: economist, Steve Moore, recalls the farcical moment in yesterday's Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump, us debt now expected to reach $35 trillion within next 10 years, Moore underscores that Republicans have been as fiscally reckless with debt as Democrats, even Trump never seriously addressed cutting spending/debt, the Biden/Democrat COVID bill does very little to address COVID it just expands domestic spending; GUEST: host of Full Measure, Sharyl Attkisson, gives some examples of how news outlets are promoting censorship, how news outlets are becoming agenda-driven or one-sided propaganda.

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