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QFC to close 2 Seattle stores, blames City Council's extra pay mandate

6am Hour--It's Ash Wednesday, what are you giving up for Lent? The QFC grocery chain announced Tuesday it will close two of its Seattle stores in part because of the city's new law mandating $4 an hour pay raises for grocery store workers - The two QFC stores - located at 416 15th Ave. East and at 8400 35th Ave. NE - will shut down for good on April 24, the company announced. But what is the elephant in the room; why aren't these stores thriving? John Carlson underscores the reason why these stores are underperforming.

GUEST: State Senator Mark Schoesler introduces a bill to provide property tax relief for residents and an update on the low carbon fuel standard and proposed capital gains tax.

GUEST: KVI's Lars Larson. Sound Transit is facing a huge budget shortfall - 15 billion dollars in the hole!

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