LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Feb.2--7am hour

Olympia--hotel take over day PIXLR.jpg
The Red Lion Hotel in Olympia WA was the site of a homeless group allegedly attempting to squat in rooms that were rented for one night, according to Olympia Police. KVI's John Carlson examines what happened when several of the accused squatters appeared on camera for a virtual court hearing in Thurston County.{ } (photo: KOMO News)

7am hour -- some answers about places and ways to get signed up for a COVID vaccine (for eligible people), why won't the news media trumpet the drop in COVID deaths/hospitalizations the same way they do the increases a month or more ago?, RIP to 95 yr old actor Hal Holbrooke, Biden's press secretary knows about the meme of her repeatedly saying "circle back".

The long list of ironies related to a Republican State Senator proposing a bill to teach about the negative impacts of Communism in WA public schools, the author of new book on Anti-fa in Portland and other cities explains who the political agitators are and where they come from, the virtual court hearing for several homeless housing activists arrested in Olympia was interrupted by the radical group's supporters.

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