LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Feb.3--7am hour

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KVI's John Carlson examines some unanswered questions about the latest cyber security scandal in Gov. Jay Inslee's administration after{ } hackers obtained personal information of 1.6 million Washingtonians who had filed for unemployment benefits. (photo: KOMO News)

7am hour -- we're learning that 20 year old software was in use when hackers stole SS#'s and personal information from 1.6 million Washingtonians that filed for unemployment, how Gov. Jay Inslee is trying to divert blame over this latest hacking within his administration, Dr. Ben Carson is starting a conservative think tank to improve American political discourse and protect religious liberty, a 22 yr old NY man receives dual hand and face transplant after catastrophic car crash, how the COVID outbreak impacted the transplants, the man can feel warmth and cold in his hands, he's playing golf and billiards now, there have now been 35 hand transplants and 18 face transplants worldwide, GOP Senator calls Biden foolish for reversing Trump immigration executive order.

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