LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Feb.4--6am hour

Wealth tax ABC News PIXLR.jpg
KVI's John Carlson interviews a State Rep. from Seattle sponsoring a bill to tax the wealth portfolio of billionaires with property in Washington. (photo: ABC News)

6am hour -- Carlson is your constant companion on KVI, Biden's big climate envoy (John Kerry) is asked by a reporter about flying by private jet if he's really concerned about CO2 emissions and climate impact, debunking some of the lame excuses Kerry gives for relying on private jet travel, Issaquah (WA) teacher's union finally agrees to restart K-3 hybrid in-class learning, on this day in history a kidnapping that began a bizarre 18 month drama.

Democrats in the WA Legislature band together to support a 'billionaire wealth' tax, the proposed WA 'wealth tax' bill would charge double the tax rate of a similar CA law, the bill sponsor struggles to answer why European countries are abandoning similar wealth taxes; US Rep. AOC caught in a lie about her description of Jan 6th attack on US Capitol. grounds.

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