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Planet Fitness{ } reports that gym members in{ } Washington have visited 1.8 million times for workouts{ } in the last month and had no known cases of COVID infection linked to the gym. KVI's John Carlson interviews a Planet Fitness executive about this news that shows gyms and other businesses can be re-opened to greater capacity as restrictions remain in place by order of Gov. Jay Inslee. (photo: KOMO News)

6am hour -- over 1.8 million screenings of members of Planet Fitness across the US and in WA have resulted in zero COVID infections since reopening last year through last month , GUEST: CEO of PF Growth Partners, Victor Brick, talks about the safety measures being used that show its possible to open up gyms with greater capacity than what Gov. Inslee is allowing.

A return to "catch and release" policy by Pres. Biden, Biden's tough talk against Russia and Putin, the humorous hashtag surrounding US Rep. AOC's recent description of her plight during the Jan. 6th mob attack at the US Capitol, the Amber Alert that was accidentally sent out with the picture of a horror movie doll.

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