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KOMO meteorologist, Kristin Clark, joins KVI's John Carlson to discuss what could be several days of possible lowland snow around Western Washington later this week. (photo: KVI Staff){ }{ }

7:04am -- Bothell resident, Cassie, says she was fired from her job in Woodinville because she was at the Jan. 6th Trump rally in DC, she wanted to go to DC to hear her President speak, says she was about 40 feet from the Capitol Building steps when rioting started, says when she heard about damage at Capitol Building she left the area, how she was notified by her employer one week later that she was fired, she says her firing revolved around a phone call to her employer by someone who mischaracterized her behavior, a notable Republican trolls Pres. Biden for his comments about school closures being a "national emergency", a list of now defunct companies that advertised in the first Super Bowl game (2002) that Tom Brady played,

GUEST: KOMO meteorologist, Kristin Clark, snow may stick around Western Washington in the lowlands for several days later this week; also the SuperBowl ad about adoption that really stood out in yesterday's annual spotlight for creative commercials.

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