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Idaho congressman's $33.5 billion plan calls for breaching Lower Snake River dams. (photo: Associated Press)

7am hour -- the Tik Tok viral video involving Gorilla Glue, in more serious news...the recent decline in COVID deaths, SB 5114 gaining support to shift entire state of WA to Phase 2 (with social distancing still in place), Governor Science refused to call a special session to help businesses and is now scrambling to deter the effects of a big hike in unemployment taxes that WA businesses are required to pay.

Green Jobs update...

An ID Republican Congressman proposes tearing down four Snake River hydro dams (in WA) to save salmon, GUEST: WPC's Todd Myers talks about the $35 billion price tag for the dam tear down and the trade-offs of destroying dams to help salmon, the Seattle Times story that omits 2019 data that shows Snake River salmon rebounding; border security and a New Mexico rancher.

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