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A new forecast model projects a lot of snow for the Pierce and Thurston County area of southern Puget Sound starting this Thursday, Feb. 11th. (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- new WX predictions show Pierce and Thurston Counties should get most significant snowfall (6+ inches) Thursday night into Friday,

a new Congressional Budget Office study projects about half-a-million job losses if Congress approves a federal $15 minimum wage, US Sen. Elizabeth Warren claims a family of three could survive on minimum wage when she was younger, the hyperbole game Democrats are playing with 2nd impeachment trial and the Jan. 6th mob attack on US Capitol, Democrats aiming for maximum emotional impact rather than actual evidence at Senate trial, what the 9 Democratic impeachment managers plan to do to address the television audience (rather than, you know, the Senate jurors),

Developing: Seattle's City Attorney plans to run for 4th term begging the question what has Pete Holmes done in the last 4 years that made Seattle better?, to wit: an LGBQT female business owner in Seattle is moving her business out of the city because its no longer safe for her employees or clients in Seattle.

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