LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Jan11--7am hour

WA Legislature session -- seal PIXLR.jpg
Today marks the first day of the Washington Legislative session and KVI's John Carlson previews the efforts by Democrats, who control both the House and the Senate, to conduct all the hearings and floor sessions by remote camera so the lawmakers can remain at home rather than the Olympia capitol campus.{ } (PHOTO: KOMO News)

7am hour -- Seahawks flame-out in playoff home game, a Seattle man arrested for assaulting a US Capitol Police officer during mob attack last week, a State Senator voices concerns about fellow lawmakers curtailing public access to legislative session, legislative Democrats have a track record of passing controversial legislation with as little public visibility as possible, the sliding scale of law and order among politicians and activists, when the rule of law doesn't apply to some it doesn't apply to anyone, what's the level of pre-meditation between left-wing and right-wing instigators?, a KVI callers sounds off on social media banning Trump's personal account, the caller's sentiment relates to the media portrayal (and double standard) of the TEA Party movement.

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