LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Jan12--6am hour

Screen shot of the social media website, . (photo: Associated Press)

6am hour -- the biggest threat to free speech in the last two generations, the money equation for Twitter banning Pres. Trump's personal account, was there collusion involved in the Big Tech platforms to block Parler?, how impeachment hinges on one Democratic Senator, you are invited to a virtual party to celebrate KVI's Kirby Wilbur, a Republican supporter of Trump tests Twitter's censorship, GUEST: Dave Parkhurst per social media censorship and Big Tech collusion, Amazon's role in stifling Parler, why Amazon has monopolistic power in this situation, remember the massacre in New Zealand that was live-streamed on Facebook?, Twitter didn't seem to mind when video of violent protests were all over its platform last summer, Amazon has 50% of the market share for web hosting services, so where does this battle go from here?

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