LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Jan13--7am hour

A tractor trailer tipped over last night on the Deception Pass Bridge to Whidbey Island after high winds hit Puget Sound. The big rig was righted and removed earlier this morning allowing the bridge to re-open to all traffic.{ } (Photo: KOMO News via Washington State Patrol)

7am hour -- Olympia woman finds out her 99-year-old mother--who recovered from COVID--was improperly classified as a COVID death when she died after injuries suffered in a fall, GUESTS: daughter, Christine Frye, talks about how she was alerted that her mother's death was classified as COVID, how WA health officials over-stating COVID deaths impacts state revenue collections.

How free speech issues and news media liberal bias is being accelerated by millenials, school closures this morning because of power outtages from last night's strong winds, Federal Way was hit with 61 mph winds last night, KVI's Kirby Wilbur talks more about his retirement decision and KVI invites you to a virtual party for Kirby, what to make of more Republican Congressional members deciding to favor a 2nd impeachment effort against Trump.

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