LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Jan13--8am hour

Impeachment picto puzzle PIXLR.jpg
Congressional Democrats in Washington D.C. ramp up a second impeachment campaign against Pres. Donald Trump. KVI's John Carlson addresses caller questions about what might happen in the U.S. Senate after the House most likely votes to impeach Trump this week. (photo: KVI Staff)

8am hour -- KVI callers inquire about a 2nd impeachment and how it impacts Republicans going forward, an update on the investigation into usage of social media for coordinating last week's attack on the US Capitol, Mollie Hemingway addresses the Democrats and news media's failure to condemn political violence, fact-checking a plan to expand solar power by Democrats in the Washington Legislature, the sickening attack on a Seattle woman who was planting flowers to beautify her street when she was savagely and randomly kicked in the face by a male suspect, a KVI exclusive interview with former Seattle Sonic center, James Donaldson, who has penned a new book ,"Celebrating Your Gift of Life", about his struggles overcoming an emergency heart surgery 6 years ago.

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