LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Jan28--8am hour

In this June 27, 2017 photo, a semi-automatic rifle is displayed with a 25 shot magazine, left, and a 10 shot magazine, right, at a gun store in Elk Grove, Calif. A federal judge ultimately blocked the California law that would have barred gun owners from possessing high-capacity ammunition magazines.{ } (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

8am hour -- KY Senator makes the case for Trump impeachment acquittal, asks why two Democrats weren't confronted with impeachment for their actions/words that incited violence, New York's AG says Governor may have seriously under-reported COVID deaths at nursing homes.

Federal Reserve Chairman cries crocodile tears about the economic impact from COVID lockdown restrictions, Kent students and parents rally for Kent School District to re-start high school sports, Legislative Democrats in Olympia try to pass a bill to restrict gun magazine capacity, two guests debate the gun mag restriction bill (State Sen. Mark Liias (D-Mukilteo) and The Second Amendment Foundation's Dave Workman), the bill would restrict gun magazine capacity to 10 rounds, why did Democrats decide on a maximum of 10 rounds and not less or more?, there is a grandfather clause in this bill for current owners of larger capacity magazines, Liias says the goal is to prevent people from using large magazines to cause harm, would this bill pass Constitutional legal challenge based on previous ruling about a California law?

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