LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Jan29--6am hour

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Governor Science, ahem, Governor Jay Inslee has graciously allowed some counties in the western half of the state to move to Phase 2 allowing indoor dinning at restaurants and indoor exercise at gyms to be allowed with 25% capacity. KVI's John Carlson addresses this Inslee decision during this hour of the show. (photo: KOMO News)

6am hour -- the WA restaurant industry says Gov. Inslee's shift to Phase 2 isn't enough, why Inslee's shift will spur outrage from outlying areas of his political base in Puget Sound, RIP to pioneering actress Cicely Tyson who passes at age 96,

the outrage over the stock trading app that blocked users from transacting GameStop shares after this week's $70 billion in losses by hedge funds, the KVI debate over a bill proposed in the WA Legislature that would restrict gun magazine capacity to no more than 10 rounds, why the Democratic sponsor of the bill says his version will be different than the 2017 California law restricting gun mag size that was ruled un-Constitutional.

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